Teach Abroad 30K

The world’s first Teach Abroad 30K is the fastest way to save 30K+ while teaching abroad, by using my very own step-by-step “30K+ Saving System in 30 days.”

Hello, my name is Sorcha Coyle and I am the founder of Empowering Expat Teachers.

Teach Abroad 30K is my creation!


Hello, my name is Sorcha Coyle. I’ve been teaching in the Middle East for the past 6 years, and I can honestly say it’s the BEST, most empowering financial decision I’ve ever made. Today, I am also the proud founder of the 6,400+ member-strong Empowering Expat Teachers community!

This was not always my story… 9 years ago, I was teaching in the UK, spending over 50% of my (low) salary on rent, and had practically no savings.

Then I made the decision to teach abroad and I have never ever regretted it! In my time teaching overseas, I’ve saved €163,000/ £146,000/ $186,000+ (and counting!). Even though I save consistently, I still travel regularly and have a great social life- I’ve ticked off 12 amazing countries and experiences ticked on my bucket list, including walking the Great Wall of China, trekking to Macchu Pichau in Peru, salsa dancing in Cuba, and safari-ing in Tanzania! I’ve also used my savings to buy 2 properties- a beautiful 4-bed property in my home country and a 3-bed apartment in Spain. I want to show you that it is 100% possible to do both – have great experiences AND save!

How have I done this? By using the Teach Abroad 30K “Saving System” to make sure I have an organised, realistic, and efficient plan in place to make worthwhile, impressive, and life-changing savings. This is truly what has enabled me to save over €160K+ to date from my years’ teaching abroad.

The idea for Teach Abroad 30K came to me when I realised that many expat teachers leave the Middle East and Asia without making any significant savings. This is down to a variety of reasons, including a lack of money mindset, no budgeting skills, and not setting money goals. The Teach Abroad 30K course gives you my own personal step-by-step guide, broken down into a 6 module course, which supports and inspires you in every aspect of how to save 30K+ as an expat teacher. Each week has a specific focus with masterclasses, resources, and a weekly Facebook Live. 24/7 support from me and other like-minded expat teachers is provided in the private Teach Abroad 30K Facebook group.

Imagine this. You complete the Teach Abroad 30K, so after a few years of working abroad, you have enough money to put a huge deposit on your dream house, or to go on the best world trip ever, or to set up a business on the side, or to set yourself up financially for your future. Imagine how that feels, to have all your money worries and stress lifted, all because you took the necessary steps to make full use of the amazing expat teaching financial opportunities that are available to us.



Convert Your Current Money Habits to 30K+ Habits


Set Up Provisions for Your Secure and Abundant Financial Future


Set SMART 30K+ Money Goals


Transform Your Money Mindset into a 30K+ Mindset


Scrutinise Your 30-Day Spending Habits


How to Travel While Still Saving Significantly

Apply 30 Easy-To-Implement Practical Strategies from Today to Save 30K+



Design Your 30K+ Saving System


Set Up a Successful Side Business to Boost Your 30K+ Saving


Implement 30 Ways to Earn Extra Cash


How to Keep Your 30K+ Habits for Life


Turn Your Negative Money Beliefs into 30K+ Money Beliefs


BONUS #1 Access to the private Teach Abroad 30K Facebook group

BONUS #2: Secure Those Teaching Jobs Abroad with the 30K+ Saving Potential

BONUS #3 ends midnight 18th March 2019: A Teach Abroad 30K one-on-one strategy session with me!


Teach Abroad 30K 

Available at the Early Bird Price of €97 until 18th MARCH 2019!


This all sounds great BUT

Is the Teach Abroad 30K Online Course really as good as it sounds?
YES! And if you want to know more and understand why, keep reading below!
How long will it take me to finish the Teach Abroad 30K course?


Once Teach Abroad 30K launches on 10th February 2019, you will have instant access to every single module! Teach Abroad 30K is a 6 module course, so depending on your commitment and on the time you can invest, you can finish the course at your own pace. It is highly recommended you complete the training and tasks in each module fully and to the best of your abilities, before you move onto the next module. The time frame of completion is 2 to 6 weeks, assuming you invest at least an hour a week working on it. Of course, this depends on your pace. However, I recommend keeping up-to-date with the private Facebook group’s pace, implementing everything taught in Teach Abroad 30K because as you can imagine, it takes time and effort to transform your money mindset, set your 30K money goals, change your money habits, and all those other wonderful and life-changing money modifications and you are guaranteed to be more successful if you do it within the group’s timeframe and support.


Is it really only €97? Are there any hidden costs?

It REALLY is only €97 (UNTIL 4TH FEBRUARY 2019!) and there are no hidden costs!

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes! I want you to be completely excited, happy and delighted with your Teach Abroad 30K purchase, which is why I offer a 24-hour, no questions asked, money back guarantee (from the time of payment).

Here is a sneak peek into Teach Abroad 30K ..



Teach Abroad 30K 

Available at the Early Bird Price of €97 until 18th MARCH 2019!


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